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Remote Tuning / Datalog Review
*please read before making your selection*

No access to a local tuner? No problem!

We've got you covered! Our remote...

*please read before making your selection*

No access to a local tuner? No problem!

We've got you covered! Our remote tuning process utilizes data-logs and your personal feedback to continuously adjust your tune for optimal performance. And if you need to do it live, we can do that too! 

KingTuner.com provides Remote/E-tuning for a range of Standalone ECU's such as Ecumaster and Link; as well as COBB, EcuTek, and more! This services is a cost effective way to get professional tuning support until you're able to get to a local dyno tuner for the final touches. If you're purchasing this service and renting a dyno, please make sure to have a professional operator.

This service requires an appointment which can booked after purchasing , please contact us to schedule.

Which one is best for you?

1. Data-logging and File Send:

  • If your engine is already running and you have access to the tuning software and map; or, data-logging capabilities such as a COBB Accessport, then this method is very simple and the one to choose when making the purchase.
  • It's simple, you record a datalog and email it to us along with the current tune that is being used.  Let us know all the issues or concerns you are having and what you would like to try and resolve.
  • From there, we analyze the data, make adjustments to the tune and email you the first revision.  We repeat this process until the tune is considered complete by our tuner (usually 3-5 revisions depending on what we are trying to achieve).

2. 3 hours Live Remote Tuning:

  • You MUST have a good and stable internet connection.  If you are testing on a street or track, phone tethering may not be adequate.
  • You will be required to download and install a remote client such as Anydesk, in order for us to gain remote access to your laptop and start tuning.
  • You are required to be able to test in many conditions such as idle, steady cruise and wide open throttle (WOT).  Please make sure your designated route is established before hand.
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