All tuning rates can be found here.
If your vehicle is properly setup and ready for tuning, it takes approximately 3hrs for either a Street or Dynamometer tune.
Remote/Email Tunes can typically be completed within the initial fee.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in our industry. The short answer is yes it will; however under consumer affairs regulations we need a manufacturer to prove that the modification has indeed caused the malfunction. I.e. if you have tuned you vehicle and your sunroof stops working, the car still has warranty. Some manufacturers (in particular BMW, AUDI, VW) now have the ability to check for tunes during warranty procedures and system diagnosis. This function is unfortunately completely automated and the service staff has no control over the final decision. If the software detects that the software has been tampered with it will automatically throw a Black Flag against your VIN. We can always flash back-to-stock if any service or warranty work is required on your vehicle. This does not guarantee anything but is the only solution any tuning provider can offer.

Simple answer is no, in fact quite the opposite! We tend to see improved fuel economy in vehicles that have been tuned.  How you ask? Basically, the increase in torque output means you do not need more throttle than originally required to reach a determined speed. For example, to get to 60km/h in 100m may have required 50% throttle with your factory tune; however, after the tune,  you would only require 30-40% throttle to achieve the same result.

The following list will provide you an idea of what you should be preparing prior getting your vehicle tuned.  This WILL save you money and time. If your car is prepared and setup with all the proper upgrades, the most important things I require to make sure you get the best results are the following:

– no leaks
– new spark plugs
– fresh fuel with desired octane
– fresh oil (as recommended by builder/spec)
– ALL electrical wiring, vacuum lines, sensors, etc. (O2, COIL PACKS, MAP/MAF, IAT, CLT, CAM/CRANK) are in working order

If you are experiencing an issue with you vehicle, I can see, in many cases, specific data in the tune that can help determine what problems may be happening and why.  If this is the case, we will discuss what steps are required to resolve it.