No.  All dynamometer tuning is done at affiliate shops which allows me to work with my clients budget, flexibility and preference.
Dynamometer access:
– SpeedTech Racing Development – AWD chassis dyno (rollers)
– Silver Maple Numerics – 2WD chassis dyno (rollers)
SSS Motorsports – AWD Hub dyno (wheels come off)

Generally speaking; you always want to tune your vehicle on a dynamometer for several reasons such as: it’s a controlled environment that allows us to go really fast – which makes it safer, you get bragging rights to tell your peers how much power you throw down, and…it allows me to adjust your calibration without distractions.

However; there are several cases where booking time on a dynamometer is not required. The most common cases where you would book a Street Tune with me is when you have a new completed project and need a startup/base tune to get it going and/or you are running too rich or lean in certain areas while driving. You cannot always get accurate air speed, temperature and engine load on a dynamometer so there are some cases where a quick Street Tune can solve minor issues in your current tune.

Several options are available for many factory vehicles; from Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes to McLaran.  If I am unable to tune a specific vehicle, I can send you in the right direction to find a solution for you.

Please inquire.

All tuning rates can be found here.
If your vehicle is properly setup and ready for tuning, it takes approximately 3hrs for either a Street or Dynamometer tune.
Remote/Email Tunes can typically be completed within the initial fee.

The most common ECU’s I work with can be found here.  If you do not see your specific ECU on the list, please inquire and I can let you know if I am comfortable working with it.

The following list will provide you an idea of what you should be preparing prior getting your vehicle tuned.  This WILL save you money and time. If your car is prepared and setup with all the proper upgrades, the most important things I require to make sure you get the best results are the following:

– no leaks
– new spark plugs
– fresh fuel with desired octane
– fresh oil (as recommended by builder/spec)
– ALL electrical wiring, vacuum lines, sensors, etc. (O2, COIL PACKS, MAP/MAF, IAT, CLT, CAM/CRANK) are in working order

If you are unsure if an issue you may be experiencing with you vehicle, in many cases, tuners can see specific data in the tune that can help determine what problems may be happening and why.  If this is the case, we will discuss the steps to resolve it.

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